Montag, 19. November 2012

Jag Hatar (Ambient/Post-Rock,Maastricht)

first interview in english.
thanks nick!

Hello, Nico, it’s been a while since we last met! I would like to thank you for this interview. It is really exciting for us, as this is our first ever.

Since when has the band been around and who’s in it?

Somewhere in 2011 Arthur asked Johan, Marlon, and our Friend Dennis to join a project he had been working on for a while. I don’t really know the ins and outs, but I think they fooled around for a bit, and weren’t entirely satisfied with the result, so they parted ways with Dennis and started focussing on writing new things. Last summer, they asked me, Nick, to play drums, even though I had never done so before, which was pretty weird. It all worked out pretty well, though. After some rehearsals Arthur came up with the name, and Jag Hatar was complete. Just to sum it up: Jag Hatar is now Arthur (guitar), Johan (guitar), Marlon (bass), and Nick (drums).

Did you play in any other bands before Jag Hatar?

Yes, we did. Arthur and I used to be in a screamo band called Allegorie, Marlon used to be in an orgcore band called Dysfunctional Kid, and Johan used to be in some Belgian black metal band whose name I can’t remember.

Even though you didn’t ask, I’d like to say that we’re busy with other musical projects besides Jag Hatar. Johan is currently writing and recording a minimalistic piano album, Marlon is playing bass for an orgcore band named Landlines, and I’m currently playing guitar for an avant garde band named Hadewych, and a nameless emo band.

How did you come up with the band name?

Jag Hatar is Swedish for ‘wuzzup haterz’. There is no other band name that could possibly match our lifestyles any better. It just came to us one foggy night when we were hanging out at our headquarters in Maastricht.

On your Bandcamp page we can find a song entitled ‘Königsberg’. Are you planning on releasing anything in the near future?

We were originally planning on releasing a demo casette entitled ‘Königsberg / Kaliningrad’ on my tape label called Ghost Bag Records, but messed up the recordings for ‘Kaliningrad’, so we had to postpone it. We burned 50 copies of ‘Königsberg’ to give away at shows as a last minute solution. Also; a Dutch label might put out a split record with the anarchist improv doom band  And.So.Civilization.Strides.On. (featuring Harald of Feeding The Fire fame), but it’s not entirely sure yet. We’ll see what happens.

Have you planned any shows so far?

Yes, we did. We played our first show at O’s album release show last week, and we played with the ridiculously good Die! Die! Die! yesterday. We’re currently busy booking our first tour, which will hopefully take place from the 7th until the 13th of February.


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